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Exciting Updates and New Inventory!

Thank you for visiting Reef Shark today! We’d like to let you know about some new updates and upcoming inventory.

As of today, we have updated all of our Shark Jaw listings to include information and photos of the exact jaw that you are purchasing. In every category, you will now be able to select, view, and purchase the exact jaw that you see in the photos. This means you know what you are getting. No surprises. The only exception would be for the 5″ Spottail Shark Jaws, 5″ Spinner Shark Jaws, and 5″ Blacktip Shark Jaws. Due to the fast-paced sale of these select items, these will continue to be shipped at random. However, we will gladly send you a photo of the jaw that you will receive if requested prior to shipment.

Due to the change, the “Collector’s Corner” category has been removed. Since the large majority of are Shark Jaws are now individually photographed, this category became redundant.

Inventory being sold on our website is not available for purchase on Etsy or eBay. Our eBay listings will have unique inventory, separate from our website’s inventory. If you cannot find what you are looking for on our website, try our eBay store or Contact Us! We do have a backstock of certain species of jaws that have not been listed on any platform.

Upcoming Inventory
We are excited to announce that we have been able to secure an additional 20 Mako Shark Jaws, 40 Blacktip Shark Jaws, and a couple hundred Tiger Shark Teeth! We will begin rolling these items out to all three platforms once the items arrive. We expect to receive them by the middle of next week. If you are looking for a specific size jaw, please let us know so that we can pull it and hold it for you before it is listed!

Thank you all for your support of Reef Shark! It is very much appreciated.

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