Horseshoe Crab


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Scientific Name: Limulus polyphemus
Maximum Size: 2 Feet long and 1 Foot wide
Most Known For: The Horseshoe crab has been around for more than 450 Million Years
Interesting Fact: Horseshoe Crab blood is used frequently in medical treatments and vaccines
Location Found: Along the North American Atlantic Coast and the Gulf of Mexico

For a limited time, we are offering these very neat Horseshoe Crab molts! These molts are from real horseshoe crabs, which feature a lot of the details of the crab. Horseshoe Crabs grow by molting, and when they do, they leave their old exoskeleton behind on the beach. No Horseshoe Crabs were killed to obtain these molts! These are 100% real, authentic and natural molts.

These molts are offered in three lengths (measured from end to end as shown); 4-7 inches, 7-9 inches, and 9-11 inches.

Because these are real molts, they may show different wear and/or missing parts. Most molts will not be 100% complete.

These molts would be fantastic for craft projects, collecting, educational purposes, beach decor, bathroom decor, and display! Remember, these are real molts, and can be very fragile!

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4 to 7 Inch, 7 to 9 Inch, 9 to 11 Inch